Five insurance companies among 1000 biggest taxpayers

28.10.2009 19:12
Five insurance companies among 1000 biggest taxpayers

Yerevan, October 28, /ARKA/. Five insurance companies were among 1000 biggest taxpayers in January-September 2009, paying a total of 515.4 million Drams. According to the list of 1000 biggest taxpayers, compiled by the State Revenue Ministry, 80.1% or 413 million drams were direct taxes (income and profit taxes).

The insurance companies accounted for 0.2% of all taxes paid in the first 9 months of 2009 by 1000 biggest companies.

The list of five companies is topped by Griar Insurance (146.3 million Drams), Ingo-Armenia(144.4 million Drams), Nairi Insurance (94.5 million Drams), Rasko (84.5 million Drams) and Cascade Insurance (45.6 million Drams). Overall 1000 biggest taxpayers paid 270.5 billion Drams in taxes in Jan.-September.

There are 12 insurance companies in Armenia. ($1 – 385. 08 Drams. -0-


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