Armenian government to continue bailout measures also in 2010

04.11.2009 14:16
Armenian government to continue bailout measures also in 2010

YEREVAN, November 4. /ARKA/. Armenian government will keep taking bailout steps also in 2010, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said Friday in National Assembly during budget hearings.

“Armenian government will continue its bailout measures accompanied by spurring already existing institutions on one hand and creating new ones on the other hand,” he said.

The premier said that a concept has already been introduced in the governing area.

This concept implies specification and separation of functions of ministries and agencies.

It also implies the start of the second stage of this system reformation.
Sargsyan said that reforms in the healthcare and education sectors have already entered a crucial stage, and this will make it possible to improve mechanisms of financing these areas.

These projects will be implemented at the account of the 2010 state budget.

The prime minister said that besides fulfillment of the above-mentioned objectives, the government will support small and mid-scale businesses as well as backbone enterprises.

The government will also create favorable environment for development the country’s economy.

The pension system and the insurance area will be reformed as well.

“Many wonder why Armenian government can’t make precise forecast for 2009 and 2010. But it should be said that one of peculiarities of crises is to break rules, and contemporary economic science has no mechanisms for measuring depth and duration of crises and indicating the moment of its end,” the premier said. --0--

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