ARKA receives honorary diploma of VTB Bank (Armenia)

09.11.2009 13:29
ARKA receives honorary diploma of VTB Bank (Armenia)

YEREVAN, November 9. / ARKA /. ARKA News Agency represented by the Director Konstantin Petrosov was awarded with a diploma of CJSC VTB Bank (Armenia) and recognized as the best media partner of the bank.

"This project is a good start of information openness of the market and opportunities to all bank customers to use the information in the open mode," the General Director and Chairman of the Directorate of Bank VTB (Armenia) Valery Ovsyannikov said at the launch of a new financial product of ARKA News Agency, the portal, on Friday.

He also expressed his wish of possible creation of an Armenian economic newspaper, and possibly a television channel.

"It all helps us to open information access for users and customers who can safely choose to work with any organization," Ovsyannikov said.

As part of its strategy to develop Internet-based businesses, ARKA News Agency has launched three new projects at,, on October 2009.

In addition to operational information, the portal will have available analytical and exclusive materials and data regarding banks, insurance and credit institutions, and their comparative financial indicators, statistical information.

The customers can take advantage of the new services, which are on-line conference and on-line consultation. The site also has a loan calculator and a currency converter.

ARKA News Agency started its first specialized Internet project in telecommunications and high technology at http://teleс in October 2008.

The agency plans to expand its specialized Internet-based resources.

ARKA News Agency has been operating since May 1, 1996. In 2002 and 2003 ARKA News Agency was awarded the International Star Award for Quality in Gold Category of the Business Initiative Directions organizations.

It is the first news agency in Armenia, specialized in providing financial and business information.

Among its partners are the biggest world and Russian news agencies and databases, such as DowJones, Reuters, Internet securities Inc., Rosbusinessconsulting (RBC).

Other subscribers are different organizations, including the Government of Armenia, the Central Bank of Armenia, other government and commercial structures, banks, international financial institutions, consulting companies, embassies and mass media outlets. –0-

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