The last 20 years were regressive for Armenia - expert Mckinsey&Company

16.11.2009 19:51
The last 20 years were regressive for Armenia - expert Mckinsey&Company

YEREVAN, November 16. /ARKA/. “The last 20 years were regressive for Armenia.Transition from one economic situation substituted each other, re-distribution of ownership, new political and economic formations took place”, said Avetik Chalabyan, Director-partner of McKinsey&Company on Russia and NIS countries, Member of National Competitiveness Fund to the journalists on Saturday. “From the point of view of economic development, the last years were regressive for Armenia and it influenced on social and education systems”, said Chalabyan.

The current situation continued till 2008, after which the society required new solutions and return to development. “We try to solve such problems and return to the development of economy for having its place in the world and regional economy”, he said.

High indicators of economic growth were recorded in the county till 2008 which was 7 times less than in USA. It explains difference in the life levels and is the result of complicated social situation in the country, particularly taking into account social polarization, isolation of the country from geographical and religious point of view.

“Many talented people leave the country and see the opportunity of self-actualization only abroad which is a serious consequence of economic situation in the country", said Chalabyan.

As for the region, it is a paradox, as there are no economic principles and the cpuntry is mainly managed by political and cultural aspects which are more important in decision-making.

“In this regard, Armenia should develop programs which will allow to live in the region and provide opportunity for economic development. It is essential for Armenia to become attractive for every Armenian”, said Chalabyan.

It does not mean that Armenians should return back to Armenia but it will create pre-conditions for them to come back without having any difficulties. “It is necessary to make the country more dynamic, attractive, developed and open for the world and even expansive in the region.

Our expansion can be in culture, economy and business, for which we need to solve a number of preliminary issues”, said Chalabyan. –0--

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