Armenian government to keep taking bailout steps in 2010

18.11.2009 20:58
Armenian government to keep taking bailout steps in 2010

YEREVAN, November 18. /ARKA/. Armenian government intends to keep taking bailout steps in 2010, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said Wednesday in national Assembly.

He said that Armenian government’s bailout measures will be accompanies by development of already existing institutions and establishment of new ones.

The prime minister said that the government has already put the concept implying the second stage of reformation in practice.

The concept also implies separation of ministries and state agencies’ functions and specification of relations among them.

Sargsyan said that health and education reforms have already reached the crucial stage. This will make it possible to improve financing mechanisms for these areas.

The premier said that the government’s objectives also include support for small- and mid-scale businesses and backbone enterprises and improvement of environment for economic development.

Besides, the government is going to implement insurance and pension reforms. -0--

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