Net cash resources of Armenian banks total 109.9 billion drams

16.12.2009 21:46
Net cash resources of Armenian banks total 109.9 billion drams

YEREVAN, December 16, /ARKA/. Net cash resources of Armenian banks in January-September, 2009 totaled 109.9 billion Drams (about $308.5 million). According to interim financial statements of Armenian commercial banks for Q3, as of September 30 the balance of cash resources and equivalents was 337.5 billion Drams, up from 227.6 billion Drams from the beginning of the year.

Cash proceeds from operational activity totaled 34.5 billion drams, but the outflow of capital from investment activity totaled 14 billion Drams. Proceeds from financial activity totaled 46.6 billion Drams.

The impact of forex exchange rates was positive generating 42.8 billion Drams. Thus, Unibank increased its cash net resources by 27.1 billion drams to 39.9 billion Drams, Ameriabank- by 26.8 billion Drams to 35.9 billion Drams, Ardshininvestbank-by 19.5 billion Drams to 44.7 billion Drams, ACBA Credit Agricole Bank- by 17.2 billion Drams to 45.8 billion Drams. Six commercial banks posted 15.2 billion drams outflow, while the four leading banks posted 90.6 billion Drams of net inflow of cash resources. M.M. -0-

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