Armenian banks’ aggregate capital grows 11.27% to AMD 266.8 billion by late September

17.12.2009 12:40
Armenian banks’ aggregate capital grows 11.27% to AMD 266.8 billion by late September

YEREVAN, December 17. /ARKA/. Armenian banks’ aggregate capital grew 11.27% or by AMD 27020.2 million in Jan-Sept 2009 reaching AMD 266.8 billion by late September.

According to banks’ interim financial reports for the third quarter, Armenian banking system’s authorized capital, including emissive proceeds, grew 16.57% or by AMD 25697.2 million to AMD 180.8 billion, and emissive proceeds grew 41.02% or by AMD 3483.7 million to AMD 12 billion.

ARKA News Agency’s analysis shows that the main reserve in banks’ capital amounted to AMD 5740.6 million by late September after growing 15.51% or by AMD 770.8 million over the nine months of this year.

Commercial banks’ accumulated profits reached AMD 68.9 billion by late September after growing 0.97% or by AMD 661.8 million.

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank’s total capital – AMD 29.2 billion is largest in Armenian banking system.

Ardshininvestbank with its AMD 26.7 billion and Ameriabank with AMD 21.3 billion follow ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank.

Then HSBC Bank Armenia comes with AMD 16.5 billion.

Anelik Bank, Armbusinessbank, Unibank, Artsakhbank and ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank were singled out for building up their capital by 150.95%, 127.58%, 28.03%, 11.87% and 11.07% in Jan-Sept 2009.

Ameribank had the greatest authorized capital – AMD 18.2 billion (10.08% of the banking system’s aggregate authorized capital).

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank with its AMD 15.6 billion (8.63%) is placed second in ARKA News Agency’s ranking.

Ardshininvestbank with AMD 15.5 billion and 8.58% came third.

Anelik Bank’s authorized capital amounted to AMD 14.3 billion and constituted 7.91% in the banking system’s aggregate authorized capital in Jan-Sept 2009.

Authorized capital of VTB Bank Armenia amounted to AMD 13.9 billion (7.69%).

HSBC Bank Armenia has built up its authorized capital by 5.1 billion or 210% over the period between January and September 2009, Anelik Bank enlarged its authorized capital by AMD 9 billion or 169.81%, Armbusinessbank by AMD 8.45 billion or 169%, Unibank by AMD 3 billion or 53.57% and ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank by AMD 128.3 million or 0.83%.

Twenty two banks and 365 branches function in Armenia now. ($1=AMD 382.5). -0--

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