President: 2010 to be a year of economy recovery for Armenia

23.12.2009 15:14
President: 2010 to be a year of economy recovery for Armenia

YEREVAN, December 23. /ARKA/. On Tuesday, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, summarizing the 2009 results at his meeting with entrepreneurs, said 2010 would be a year of persistent work and quick economy recovery for Armenia.
He said that 2009 was a hard year for Armenia’s economy, when every entrepreneur had to resist challenges emerged amid adverse things in the economy and to take in to account human factor in searching solutions, acknowledging social responsibility for their employees and their families.
“I know that your decisions were coming from classical rules for doing business. Very often you made their decisions for the sake of people, your employees, not in favor of your business. You were guided by wish to maintain jobs. I understand this very well.”
The head of state said that entrepreneurs and the government, with joint efforts, have managed to avoid the worst trouble – social turmoil and shielded socially insecure people from stronger shocks.
“Looking through economic developments, taken steps and the stance taken by our entrepreneurs in 2009, we can say that a new class of entrepreneurs is forming in Armenia now. These entrepreneurs don’t put momentary profits above creation of long-term, firm and balanced business style. This very stratum of entrepreneurs constitutes the pivot of any country.”
Sargsyan said that such challenges could undermine entrepreneurship in such a small country, but no signs of sluggishness have been seen among Armenian entrepreneurs and the country.
Armenian entrepreneurs, he said, has always been singled out for their flexibility and smart decisions, and the economic recession came as a test for resourcefulness.
The president said that those Armenian entrepreneurs loosing some outlets overseas should shift their focus quickly and concentrate their efforts on searching new ideas.
“I know dozens of such initiatives voiced by Armenian entrepreneurs,” he said. “Those investors having a rich experience with foreign markets should try entrepreneurship and export. We have already placed on record particular success in this area.”
The banking system that has gone through the recent trials and proved to be firm should propel small- and mid-scale businesses.
“Today we can record progress in this area, noting that there are certain expectations from this area,” Sargsyan said.
He said that the government and the presidential administration would make every effort to recover the national economy in 2010.-0---

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