ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank leader among Armenian banks on main indices

23.12.2009 18:09
ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank leader among Armenian banks on main indices

YEREVAN, December 23. /ARKA/. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank is the leader among Armenian banks on main indices.

ARKA News Agency’s analysis shows that the bank assets reached AMD 148.8 billion by September 30 after growing 20.33% over nine months of this year. The bank’s share in Armenian banks’ aggregate assets was 11.75% by late September. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank was also singled out for the greatest total capital – AMD 29.2 billion and its 11.07% nine-month growth).

The bank has also outdone other banks in crediting individuals – loans extended to individuals amount to AMD 53.4 billion and constitute 62.9% of its credit portfolio. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank’s share in the aggregate individuals loans extended by Armenian banks was 20.46% by late September. Credits and other loans provided to clients over the mentioned period totaled AMD 86.1 billion. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank is also the biggest profit-gainer among Armenian banks. The bank’s profit for nine months of this year amounted to AMD 2729.3 million (16.1% reduction, compared with the same period a year before). ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank came second on liabilities. Its liabilities totaled AMD 119.7 billion in Jan-Sept 2009 - 22.83% year-on-year growth (by AMD 22.2 billion ). The bank’s share in Armenian banks’ aggregate liabilities was 11.97% in Jan-Sept 2009.

The bank, with its authorized capital amounting to AMD 15.6 billion and increased by AMD 128.3 million in Jan-Sept 2009, was placed second in ARKA News Agency’s ranking.

Its share in the system constituted 8.63% in Jan-Sept 2009. The bank ranked third on ROA indicator – 2.6% by late September against 2.28% earlier this year, and second on ROE – 13.18% against 11.53%. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank ranked fourth for building up its funds and equal to them means – they grew by AMD 17.2 billion to AMD 45.8 billion. ARKA News Agency’s analysis also shows that ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank is the fourth largest time deposit keeper among Armenian banks.

It has attracted deposits totaling AMD 18.5 billion from individuals and entrepreneurs over the mentioned period. The bank came third on expenses for per-employee training. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank has spent 31.8 million over the period between January and September 2009 for upgrading its employees’ qualification. The bank spent AMD 43,100 for training one employee. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank was established in 1995 and registered on March 29, 1996.

The bank was established under European Union’s TACIS program. Credit Agricole S.A (France) holds 15.56% of the bank’s shares, 12.44% holds 12.44%, and the remaining shares belong to Armenian farmers’ unions. The bank has 35 branches and 737 employees. ($1 = AMD 374.46). ---0---

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