Grant Thornton: Armenian entrepreneurs becoming more optimistic about 2010

19.02.2010 14:46
Grant Thornton: Armenian entrepreneurs becoming more optimistic about 2010

YEREVAN, February 19. /ARKA/. Armenian entrepreneurs are becoming more optimistic about availability of loans in 2010, Grant Thornton International says in its 2010 International Business Report sent to ARKA News agency by Grant Thornton Amyot, audit and consulting company.

According to the report, the global crisis is subsiding now, and private companies’ hope for greater financing in 2010 is running high.

The report says 35% of entrepreneurs think their financing will be greater or considerably greater in 2010 than in 2009.

Some 69% think their creditors promote or promote a great deal their businesses.
This result repeats that of the previous year.

In its report, Grant Thornton International says many countries remain pessimistic, and their creditors’ promotion remain sluggish.

In particular, France, Greece, Ireland, Russia and Thailand are now among 36 most pessimistic countries.

China’s presence in the row of the most pessimistic countries was extremely unexpected.

Instead, Chilean, Indian and Philippine businessmen say loans are more available in their countries than the average world indicator.

After 2009, some big countries, such as the United States, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore found themselves in this category.

Japanese, Polish, Malaysian and Spanish businessmen find prospects for getting funds low, despite existence of promoting creditors.

Companies in Armenia, Argentina, Brasilia, Finland and Turkey, despite their constant dissatisfaction with lenders, are more optimistic about 2010. --0--

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