Some 70 ATMs in demand in Armenia every year

25.03.2010 21:01
Some 70 ATMs in demand in Armenia every year

YEREVAN, March 25. /ARKA/. Some 70 ATMs are in demand in Armenia every year, Igor Kudrin, executive director of Lanit Russian company’s banking technologies division, said at a press conference on Thursday.

He said that the company exports ATMs to Armenia and sees a high demand for them here. Kudrin said that the Russian company cooperates with some Armenian banks.

He thinks there is room for establishing cooperation also with other banks in Armenia. In particular, he said there is room for installing ATMs, POS-terminals, video control systems and other new generation devises.

He said that the company’s Diebold ATMs have a five-cassette dispenser, which, if fully-loaded, let banks save up to 20% of resources.

“Diebold company improved software in 2009 to ensure 100-percent security and bar other people from penetrating in the software,” Kudrin said.

More than that – all the provided parts of ATMs meet security requirements, especially cardreader-а ATMs and client keyboards.

It means ATMs are fully secured.

Some 580 ATMs functioned in Armenian ArCa payment system as of Jan 1, 2010. The system can increase their number to 3,000.

LANIT Holding, (laboratory of new information technologies), is the largest Russian company. It started operating on IT market in 1989.

The company engages in distribution, system integration and training of IT specialists. LANIT is official representative of Diebold, ATM-producing company, in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States.-0—

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