Procreditbank starts operating money transfers through Coinstar and BLIZKO systems

25.05.2010 20:29
Procreditbank starts operating money transfers through Coinstar and BLIZKO systems

YEREVAN, May 25. /ARKA/. ProCredit Bank has joined international transfer systems Coinstar and BLiZKO, the bank’s press office reported on Monday.

These systems enable private individuals to make transfers in a fast and reliable manner without opening a banking account.

Coinstar system is tailored to make US Dollar and EURO transfers in over 140 countries around the world, whereas BLiZKO system can be used for Russian Ruble, US Dollar and EURO transfers among CIS countries.

“Due to having a wide chain of service points, Coinstar and BLiZKO systems are very popular around the world. It is worth mentioning that the sums transferred by these systems can reach the receivers instantly after making a transaction. In addition, ProCredit Bank offers the most favorable fast money transfer services at the lowest prices,” the bank’s press release says.

To meet customer needs of those living and working in the neighbourhood ProCredit Bank has replenished the range of its affordable and high quality services, thus, staying true to “Neighbourhood Bank” concept.

ProCredit Bank launched its activity in Armenia on February 5, 2008.

ProCredit Holding AG holds 67.5% of the bank’s shares, EBRD 16.67% and KfW 15.83%.

The bank offers high-quality banking services to small and medium sized enterprises and individuals.

Since February 2008 the Bank is serving more than 10300 clients including non-loan clients and has an outstanding loan portfolio of about USD 35.4 mil and deposit portfolio around USD 20.4 mil. Besides the head office ProCredit Bank serves its clients at eight branches, five of which are in Yerevan and three in Armenia’s regions.

ProCredit Bank in Armenia is a member of ProCredit Group, consisting of 21 financial institutions operating in Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America, which are governed by ProCredit Holding AG located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. -0---

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