NASDAQ OMX Armenia presents brochure for general public

23.06.2010 21:32
NASDAQ OMX Armenia presents brochure for general public

YEREVAN, June 23, /ARKA/. NASDAQ OMX Armenia stock exchange presented today a brochure intended for general public. Called “A Visit to NASDAQ OMX Armenia” it was developed by NASDAQ OMX Armenia and presents in a simple and entertaining way various capital market related topics.

The booklet, in particular, describes the nature and features of different types of securities; explains the objectives a company has when it decides to issue securities and go public; outlines the process of initial public offering; explains the nature and importance of securities listing at the exchange from information disclosure and investor protection points of view; as well as shows how the stock exchange discloses trading data and explains terms and abbreviations used.

The brochure will help the reader get an idea of how Armenian capital market works, explaining the roles of all players involved. Investment service providers’ activities are also covered, as are the main operations of the Central Depository of Armenia, in particular, where they relate to the protection of the lawful interests and rights of securities holders. Special is paid to the measures by the RA Government aimed at investor protection on capital markets.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony NASDAQ OMX Armenia executive director Armen Melikian said poor knowledge about types of securities, investment services and trading mechanisms is a serious obstacle to development of stock market. He said the brochure was published to address these issues.

The brochure was published under the financial assistance of Muscat Securities Market within the framework of cooperation between Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) members. The 2,000 copies of the brochure will be consistently disseminated in Armenia free of charge. Given the focus of NASDAQ OMX Armenia public education activities, in particular, on younger audiences, copies of brochures will be made available to local universities.

The electronic version of the brochure will be posted in the “Printed Titles” section of the exchange’s official website.

NASDAQ OMX Armenia is confident that this new publication will contribute to increased awareness about the Armenian capital market in various target groups and will promote the continued development of this important industry, the stock exchange said in a press release. -0-

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