Armenian Banks Bought $77.3 Million at Local Forex Market

17.07.2010 10:06
Armenian  Banks Bought $77.3 Million at  Local Forex Market

YEREVAN, July 16. /ARKA/. Armenian commercial banks bought a total of  $77.3 million at the local forex market at  an exchange rate of 364.49  Drams per one Dollar in a time span between July 13 and 16, the Central Bank of Armenia said.

They also sold a total of $78.3 million at 366.1 Drams per one USD. The aggregate volume of deals in USD at NASDAQ OMX Armenia amounted to $17.9  million at the average exchange rate of  364.08 Drams per  one USD.

At the same time the volume of deals among banks  for purchase and sale of foreign currency totaled  $400,000 at 363.59 Drams per  one USD. Besides, the banks extended 13.6 billion Drams  worth  credits  in the national currency and $34.3 million in USD. ($1 – 363.9 Drams). -0-

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