NASDAQ OMX reports 89% slash in number of deals with securities in september

04.10.2010 21:27
NASDAQ OMX reports 89% slash in number of deals with securities in september

YEREVAN, October 4, /ARKA/. In 2010 September the number of deals with securities at NASDAQ OMX Armenia stock exchange slashed against the previous month of August by around 89% to 99.1 million Drams, down from 876.4 million in August.

The volume of deals with government bonds contracted by 3.3% to 95.83 million Drams. Deals with shares dropped by about 93% to 3.23 million Drams and no deals with corporate bonds were effected at all.

According to an analysis, made by ARKA news agency, based on NASDAQ OMX Armenia’s reports, deals in September were effected with state bonds and shares of three private companies.

The leader in terms of deals with shares was Pure Metal Plant – about 2.6 million Dram worth deals were effected with its shares or 80.3% of all deals with shares.

NASDAQ OMX Armenia is the name of the Armenian Stock Exchange ojsc (renamed on January 27, 2009), however, it is also used to refer jointly to the stock exchange and the Central Depository of Armenia ojsc (CDA), as the both companies have been members of the NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. since early 2008. NASDAQ OMX Armenia and the CDA are the major securities market infrastructure institutions in Armenia. Since their inception in 2000, both companies had operated as self-regulatory organizations established by member broker companies, up until demutualization in 2007. NASDAQ OMX Armenia is a part of the world's largest exchange company, the NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.

NASDAQ OMX Armenia has now 26 member companies, including 19 banks. As of September 30 some 12 companies and 7 corporrate bonds were listed with it. The capitalization of the stock exchange was 40.9 billion Drams. M.M. -0- ($1 – 361.08 Drams).  -0-

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