First Pan-Armenian conference of bankers opens in Yerevan

18.10.2010 14:30
First Pan-Armenian conference of bankers opens in Yerevan

YEREVAN, October 18, /ARKA/. Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan said representatives of financial and banking sector can make a substantial contribution to strengthening of ties between Armenia and its vast Diaspora.

In a message sent to participants of the first Pan-Armenian Conference of Financiers and Bankers he said he expects them to have fruitful discussions on issues that will benefit the Armenian nation and strengthen ties between Armenia and Diaspora.

The Conference, organized by Armenian Diaspora ministry in cooperation with the Central Bank and the Union of Armenian Banks, opened today in Yerevan bringing together 45 bankers and financiers of Armenian origin from Russia, Ukraine, France, UK, Spain, USA, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates

In the message, read out by Diaspora minister Hranush Hakobian president Sargsyan said Armenians are strong by their unity and solidarity and only the union of the intellectual potential of Armenia proper and its Diaspora can help strengthen the Armenian statehood.

Speaking at the opening ceremony minister Hranush Hakobian said the conference will allow specialists from Armenia and Diaspora to join their efforts for the benefit of Armenia.

“This is especially important in condition of globalization and new challenges of the 21-st century which affect the Armenian world as well,’ she said. -0-

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