Bank Anelik replaces old slogan

22.10.2010 19:40
Bank Anelik replaces old slogan

YEREVAN, October 22, /ARKA/. Armenian Bank Anelik said today it has changed its slogan. A press release by the bank said the old slogan ‘Bank Anelik is a Guarantee of Your Success’ has been replaced by a new slogan that reads ‘Bank Anelik - Strong Basis, Reliable Future.’

According to the press release, over the 20 years of its life the bank had several slogans, each of them fitting into a certain period of time.

‘The new slogan reflects all the advantages and the mission of our bank, stressing the past phase and the belief in tomorrow, ‘ the bank’s chairman Samvel Chzmachian was quoted as saying.

The bank said its assets have doubled over the last five years, credit portfolio has grown twice and the capital has increased 3.7 times. Bank Anelik is the only Armenian bank that has a daughter bank in Russia- Anelik Ru. It was also the first Armenian bank to introduce its own money transfer system Anelik, operating in 500 banks in 1000 countries.

Fifty-one percent of Anelik is owned by Lebanese CreditBank S.A.L., Samvel Chzmachian owns 12.25%, Arthur Arakelian- 12.25%, Armen Kazarian -12,25% and Galina Voronina-12.25%. The bank has 10 branches.

O September 30 Anelik Bank’s total assets were worth 52.7 billion Drams, liabilities stood at 37.1 billion Drams, the total capital was 15.6 billion Drams, credit investments stood at 27.2 billion Drams and deposits at 21.4 billion Drams. In the first nine months of the year it earned 458 million Drams in net profits. The bank has 10 branches. (1- 359. 87 Drams). -0-

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