Expert: currency trading has room for development in Armenia

26.11.2010 12:52
Expert: currency trading has room for development in Armenia

YEREVAN, November 26. /ARKA/. Armenia’s currency trading market has room for development, FOREX CLUB Group analyst Mikael Verdyan said Thursday in Novosti International Press Center answering ARKA News Agency’s question.

He said that more than 10,000 people attended the company’s seminars for ten years of FOREX CLUB Group’s activity.

Some 1,000 engage in professional currency trading.

Verdyan said that Armenian currency traders are among most successful in the FOREX CLUB system.

He said that few want to run such a risk of losing money, and this psychological factor - fear of possible losses – deter some people from doing this business.

The expert added that FOREX CLUB supports those wanting to start the foreign exchange business and trains them.

He stressed that high discipline is needed for doing this business.

Verdyan said that the financial crisis has impacted the market by slowing down its development, and devaluation of Armenian national currency in March 2009 forced people to be in touch with forex developments.

The analyst said that the group attaches great importance also to improvement of traders’ qualification.

An analysis center was established in Armenia this year. The center analyzes economic developments in Armenia and forecasts future things.

Verdyan said that very soon one of Armenian TV channels would launch a series of programs focused on trading.

Andrey Dirgin, chief of FOREX CLUB Group’s analysis unit, said that the Armenian office, one of the company’s first offices, is vigorously developing.

“FOREX CLUB is dynamically developing, and it has offices in all continents, but Armenia is one of top-priority markets to us,” he said. “For ten years of activity, the Armenian office has become one of the biggest pearls in the necklace of other branches.”

The company pays attention to enhancement of people’s financial awareness in Armenia.

It analyzes stick market auctions, publishes recommendations and conducts training seminars.

Dirgin said that Armenians are successful financiers, who are keen to learn new mechanisms and instruments. -0-

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