Bank VTB (Armenia) opens centralized credit back office

01.12.2010 13:44
Bank VTB (Armenia) opens centralized credit back office

YEREVAN, December 1, /ARKA/. Bank VTB (Armenia) said today it has opened a centralized credit back office for its retail customers. The back office is located next to its Erebuni branch on Tigran Mets street in Yerevan.

According to a press release of the bank, by this it has accomplished the last stage of a project that was designed to centralize registration of all credit deals for corporate, small as well as retail businesses.

‘The opening of the centralized back-office for retail credit products is the logical accomplishment of a process we have designed for centralization of credit decision-making for all deals at the head office,’ said Alena Stratan, head of the Bank’s department in charge of banking risk management.

She said bank VTB (Armenia) views this process as an instrument for raising the efficiency of lending process, quality of services and control of operation risks.

According to the press release, this means that all lending contracts, except for contracts secured by gold items, will be registered in the back-office. The bank has installed a notary office for customers to sign contacts at the back-office and certify them on the ground.

Bank VTB (Armenia)  opened in Armenia in 2004. It is a full subsidiary of Russian Bank VTB and t has 68 branches in Armenia, 24 of them in Yerevan. It offers a wide array of banking services and products to its customers.-0-

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