“ARKA” Agency published the bulletin “Banks of Armenia”

08.02.2011 19:12
“ARKA” Agency published the bulletin “Banks of Armenia”

YEREVAN, February 8. /ARKA/. Information agency “ARKA” published regular quarterly bulletin “Banks of Armenia”.

It is prepared on the basis of unified financial reports of banking organizations and additional information of the banks published in the press.

Bulletin “Banks of Armenia” contains 60 pages of tables on banking indicators and 9 main chapters characterizing the banking system:

1.General characteristics of the banks. 2. Assets. 3. Liabilities. 4. Capital. 5. Income/Loss.
6. Information of the movement of monetary means. 7. Level of liquidation and capitalization.
8. Normative indicators of risks. 9. Indicators of profitability of the banks.

Information included in the bulletin allows to have general picture of financial state of Armenian banks and make comparative analysis of their activities.

Information agency “ARKA” is functioning since May 1, 1996 and is specialized in financial, economic and political spheres. From 1999 “ARKA” issues quarterly bulletin “Main indicators of banking system of Armenia” (currently “Banks of Armenia”), from March 2005 – quarterly bulletin “Credit organizations of Armenia” and from July 2008 – quarterly bulletin “Indicators of the activities of insurance companies” (currently – “Insurance companies of Armenia”).–0—

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