Armbusinessbank established a reserve center in case of force major circumstances

09.09.2011 18:53
Armbusinessbank established a reserve center in case of force major circumstances

YEREVAN, September 9. /ARKA/. Armbusinessbank opened a Reserve Center for the provision of uninterrupted activity in Force Major situations, press-service of the Bank informed “ARKA”.

“Recently opened Reserve Center of the bank will allow to provide uninterrupted activity in case of Force Major situations such as flood, earthquake, political instability and military actions”, states the press-release of the bank.

Reserve Center is located far from the head office in the territory of the branch of the bank “Vanadzor” for security purposes and is functioning on the basis of modern technologies of the system Cloud of the company Microsoft and the company “Dell” which allows to have more employees of virtual servers.

All the operations implemented by the client are immediately recorded in the Reserve Center .

“This Center is established on the basis of the requirements of information security”, said the head of information technology department of Armbusinessbank Mushegh Gishyan.

Establishment of the Reserve Center solves two problems: provision of additional security of information in case of Force Major situations, as well as creation of conditions of uninterrupted service of the employees of the bank.

“The staff of the Reserve Center which will work under the conditions of extraordinary situations is already approved and underwent special training. Contracts with independent organizations from Yerevan providing Internet connection services are already signed which will allow the clients (residents and non-residents) to manage their accounts any time regardless of the fact where they are”, states the press-release.

Though the Center is already operating technically, it is envisaged to conduct full testing till the end of the year for the detection of all the opportunities of the center, including the service of clients.
The Bank plans to establish a similar center in the European territory next year.

“Armbusinessbank” (“Arminvestbank” till August 26, 2006) was registered on December 10, 1991.

In 2006 Ukrprombank (Kiev) obtained 35% of participation in the capital of the bank, insurance union of Ukraine “Alfa Garant” - 35%, the company “Union of Chrystie Management” - 30%. By the end of the second quarter of 2011 Chrystie Management possesses 86.99% shares of Armbusinessbank and the remaining 13.01% of shares possesses Ukrprombank. -0-


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