Our moral duty is to develop and implement social responsibility projects

17.10.2011 18:17
Our moral duty is to develop and implement social responsibility projects

ARKA news agency’s interview with Armen Kara-Poghosyan, head of customer and marketing department of Areximbank-Gazprombank Group

ARKA - In recent years Areximbank has become more active in social responsibility and charity areas. Tell us more about the bank’s social responsibility programs.

Armen Kara-Poghosyan - Areximbank has always attached special importance to social programs. Following Russian Gazprombank’s acquisition of Areximbank (in terms of financing social-oriented projects Gazprombank is among top leaders in Russia), we have been tasked to continue this tradition in Armenia. Moreover, adherence to these traditions is fixed in our bank’s strategy, which provides for implementation of various social projects held under the slogan: "Across the country and in the interests of everyone" being adapted to different segments of the population. The focus in our social activities is on promoting culture and sport, contributing to the protection of mothers and children, providing assistance to large and poor families. Some of our projects are based on long-term cooperation principles.

For example, it has been two years since the bank started granting scholarships to students of different universities to encourage young professionals demonstrating active public stand, as well as consider the possibility of their future employment by our bank.

The bank also shows support to a variety of public and charity organizations. Thus, within the program ‘Across the country in the interests of each child’ the bank paid for a monthly food supply to Orran charitable organization taking care of children and helped children from Mother and Child charity organization to spend vacations in the resort town of Tsakhkadzor.

The bank’s social programs are also aimed at supporting children with cancer, locomotor system diseases. We do not forget about veterans either. This year's celebration of Victory Day was held jointly with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Armenia.

Supporting culture and sports has always been an integral part of the bank’s social responsibility. Our bank has long relationship with the Theatre of Soul and Dance of Sophie Devoyan. With regard to sport, most recently Areximbank sponsored the 5th Pan-Armenian Games and we will continue to contribute to the development of national sports, thereby contributing to the strengthening of ties between Armenia and Diaspora.

ARKA – Media reports in 2010 said Areximbank introduced a unique program of social protection of its employees. What makes it unique and has it justified itself?

Armen Kara-Poghosyan - Social responsibility is not only helping various segments of the population but also supporting own staff through raising the level of their social security, making the personnel feel sure about tomorrow. In 2010 we introduced a unique program designed specially for our staff, envisaging a package of social security benefits and incentives. This program is the continuation of our shareholder’s policy. We actually introduced what Gazprombank has been doing for years, modifying it to our realities. Our own social security system provides for such privileges and material benefits as provision of additional paid leave, provision of material assistance to the annual paid leave, financial assistance for staff members getting married, the birth of a child, to staff members who have many children, retirement benefits, etc. In addition, staff members who are on leave to care for a child under the age of three get monthly benefits. All this allows us to significantly improve the quality of their working and living.

ARKA – This year is not over yet, what are your plans?

Armen Kara-Poghosyan - Until the end of the year we plan to take part in a major international project of a famous Armenian singer Hayk Melikyan - a series of concerts of contemporary music "1900 +", whose main goal is to present the works of modern composers to Armenian audience because their music has not yet been performed in Armenia. In the past the series featured works by Russian, French, Czech and Japanese composers. This year's program will present the music of contemporary Armenian composers.

Much has been done, but more needs to be done. The Bank is developing, its earning are growing and, therefore, we can allocate more funds for social programs. Our approach is a striking example of how modern businesses realize their responsibility towards the country and society.

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