Armenian Banks Pay 17.9 Billion Drams In Taxes For Nine Months

08.11.2011 14:54
Armenian Banks Pay 17.9 Billion Drams In Taxes For Nine Months

YEREVAN, November 8. /ARKA/. The list of 1,000 largest Armenian corporate taxpayers in the first nine months of 2011 comprised 21 commercial banks, which paid a total of 17.9 billion drams, according to the numbers released by the State Revenue Committee, by 6.1 billion drams more from a year before.

According to the State Revenue Committee, 17.7 billion drams were collected by taxation authorities and 231.4 million drams by customs bodies. The banks accounted for 5.1% of all taxes paid by 1000 largest taxpayers in January-September 2011.

The list of largest tax paying banks was topped by HSBC Bank Armenia that paid more than 2.5 billion drams. It was 17th on the list of 1000 taxpayers; Bank VTB (Armenia) that paid more than 2.1 billion drams (21st position), ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank - more than 1.9 billion drams (26th), Ameriabank -more than 1.4 billion drams (39th) and Ardshininvestbank - about 1.4 billion drams (41st).

The list of 100 largest corporate taxpayers included also Unibank - more than 1.3 billion drams paid in taxes (43rd), Inecobank -about 916.5 million drams (63rd), Armbusinessbank - about 905.9 million drams (65th), Anelik Bank -about 689.5 million drams (84th), Araratbank -more than 658.9 million drams (85th) and Conversebank -more than 578.9 million drams (100th).

Overall the 1,000 largest corporate taxpayers paid more than 352.8 billion drams in taxes in Jan-Sept, up from 318.5 billion drams paid in the same period in 2010. ($1 - 380.47 AMD). –0--

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