ARKA News Agency published newsletter “Credit organizations of Armenia” for the IV Q of 2011

01.03.2012 19:01
ARKA News Agency published newsletter “Credit organizations of Armenia” for the IV Q of 2011

YEREVAN, March 1. /ARKA/. ARKA News Agency published regular issue of financial-economic newsletter “Credit organizations of Armenia” for the forth quarter of 2011.

This product is published on quarterly basis and is compiled on the basis of official financial reports of credit organizations (CO) published in media.

Newsletter “Credit organizations of Armenia” consists of about 43 pages of table material on different indicators of CO activity and has 11 main chapters: 1. General characteristics of credit organizations.
2. Assets. 3. Liabilities. 4. Capital. 5.Profit/Losses. 6. Normative indicators of activity of credit organizations. 7. Indicators of capitalization. 8. Indicators of profit and income. 9. Aggregates of activity of credit organizations (conclusion). 10. Aggregates of efficiency of credit organizations. 11. Main services of credit organizations.

Information contained in the newsletter gives opportunity to present general picture of financial situation of credit organizations of Armenia and make comparative analysis of their activity. The product contains also technical and methodological comments to the tables.

ARKA News Agency operates since May 1, 1996 and is specialized in the provision of financial, economic and political information.

Since 1999 ARKA publishes quarterly bulletin “The main indicators of the Armenian banks” (current “Banks of Armenia”), since March 2005 – quarterly bulletin “Credit organizations of Armenia”, since July 2008 – quarterly bulletin “Indicators of the activity of insurance companies” (current – “Insurance companies of Armenia”).  –0—


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