ARCA payment system to replace its processing system

23.04.2012 19:25
ARCA payment system to replace its processing system

YEREVAN, April 23. /ARKA/. Armenia’s national payment system "Armenian Card" (ArCa) has been working since August 2011 to replace its processing system. In a press release sent to ARKA, ArCa said the work is currently underway to combine the new software with seven automated bank systems of member banks. It said ALSO the full package of certifications, test tools and a list of tests were reconciled with international payment systems.

The current software of the processing center was put into action  about 11 years ago and no longer meets modern requirements. The new software system fully complies with the strictest international safety standards, in particular, the Payment Application Data Security Standards indicates that the system is the most secure.
"After the processing center system is replaced our cardholders will feel the obvious change in service delivery," the press release says.

Armenian Card CJSC was established on March 16, 2000 as a united national payment system. Today 19 of Armenia’s 21 commercial banks participate in ArCa payment system. The company is a full member of MasterCard Europe international payment system. It also processes VISA and American Express (Third Party Processor) cards. -0-

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