Ameriabank opens new branch in Shengavit district

27.04.2012 17:48
Ameriabank opens new branch in Shengavit district

YEREVAN, April 27. /ARKA/. Armenia-based Ameriabank has opened today a new branch in Yerevan’s Shengavit administrative districts. Ameriabank Development Director, Tigran Jrbashyan, said the district is economically active and has a large population. He said although many other banks have their branches in this district too, Ameriabank can offer competitive products and services.

"Our branches offer the same scale of services and products as the head office does. This branch is also consistent with our standards," he said.

He said the Shengavit branch, as other branches of the bank, has set up a separate area for premium customers. Now the bank has 5 branches in Yerevan and 4 in other regions of the country.

Ameriabank also offers Visa Classic and MasterCard standard cards with one year free servicing to all customers who open bank accounts in Shengavit branch until June 1, 2012, as well as free online banking services for one year and Gift cards at a 50% discount.

If a corporate customer opens a bank account its head will get Gold card with one year free servicing, one year free bank-client service and a business card with free annual servicing.

Ameriabank is a universal bank providing investment, corporate and limited retail banking services. -0-

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