Junker: eurogroup hasn’t discussed Greece’s withdrawal from euro zone

15.05.2012 11:29
Junker: eurogroup hasn’t discussed Greece’s withdrawal from euro zone

YEREVAN, May 15. /ARKA/. Eurogroup president Jean-Claude Junker at the press conference on Monday expressed his conviction that Greece would remain in the euro zone.

He clarified that Eurogroup wants Greece to stay in the euro zone, and it will make all the possible efforts for that. Junker also added that they hadn’t discussed the withdrawal of the country from the zone of European currency, RIA Novosti reports.
Speculations on Greece’s withdrawal from the currency zone were rising more frequently within the recent weeks.

Greece failed to form a new coalition government after the May 6 parliamentary elections. The politicians will continue advising the best ways of forming cabinet of ministers  but if the leaders of the parties are unable to reach the compromise, the country will face new elections.

Political instability in Greece casts doubts on the country’s attempts to meet its commitments with international lenders, such as EU and IMF, thus pushing Greece to leave the euro zone.
Fitch agency has earlier warned that unrest in Greece and the possibility of its withdrawal from the currency zone threat loan ratings of all the other EU member-states. —0-

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