Eurozone’s foreign trade surplus was €5.2bn in April

15.06.2012 17:24
Eurozone’s foreign trade surplus  was €5.2bn in April

YEREVAN, June 15. /ARKA/. The eurozone’s trade surplus with the rest of the world was €5.2bn in April, RIA Novosti said citing the latests numbers released by Eurostat. This compares with a €4.5bn deficit in April 2011. In March, the euro area recorded a €7.5bn surplus, up from €900m in March 2011.

Eurostat said that, compared with March 2012, April’s figures showed a drop in seasonally adjusted exports of 1.3pc, while imports fell by 3pc. In the European Union, meanwhile, the first estimates indicate a €12bn deficit in April, compared with a deficit of €17.2bn in the same month last year.

In March 2012, the balance was -€7.3bn, compared with a €13.1bn deficit the previous year. In April 2012 compared with March 2012, seasonally adjusted exports fell by 1.8pc and imports by 2.2pc. -0-

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