Bank Anelik offers new product to corporate customers

18.06.2012 12:08
Bank Anelik offers new product to corporate customers

YEREVAN, June 18. /ARKA/. Armenian Bank Anelik said today it has designed a new deposit type specifically for its corporate clients. The new product is called Reliable Business. The bank said it will upgrade also the terms of another deposit called Savings.

According to the press release, those entities that will use this new type of deposit will be able to get a steady income to 12% for AMD deposits and 8.1% for dollar-denominated deposits. Interests on Savings deposit are 11.9% and 8.1% respectively.

The press release says this type of deposit allows customers to increase the amount on the deposit at any time and in any size. Under the terms of both deposits the depositors can withdraw the money at any time in full or in part, even before the period specified in the contract. This will not affect the accrued interests, it said.

"Anelik Bank offers individual and corporate customers competitive deposit instruments meeting the preferences of each client, and the dynamic growth of the deposit portfolio is a clear confirmation of it,’ head of the bank’s marketing and public relations department, Armen Arevyan, was quoted as saying.

According to him, the bank’s deposit portfolio over the last 12 months soared almost by 60 percent. ($1-414.62 drams). -0-

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