Transfers to Armenia slash, from Russia- rise – newspaper

27.07.2012 17:39
Transfers to Armenia slash, from Russia- rise – newspaper

YEREVAN, July 27. /ARKA/. Transfers made by individuals to Armenia via the banking system within five months of 2012 climbed by 44 billion dollars or 9.2 %, Hayots Ashkharh (Armenian World) newspaper reports.According to the newspaper, this number seems to be positive, however within the same months a year earlier transfers to Armenia increased by over 25%.

Private remittances from the eurozone significantly slashed. Last year transfers from Spain were over 3.2 million dollars whereas this year they just totaled 2.6 million dollars. Transfers from France shrank as well: this year they totaled in 4.2 million instead of 4.3 million from a year earlier. Such situation was  prompted by the economic situation in the eurozone.

However slip in transfers is reported not only from Europe but also some CIS countries, such as Ukraine (lost 30% totaling in 6.6 million dollars within the reported period against 9.4 million from the same period a year earlier) and Kazakhstan.

The newspaper informs that Russia is still the main partner of Armenia at transfer market- over 82% of the remittances are processed  from Russia. Over the five months this year transfers from Russia to Armenia fetched up 427 million dollars, up by 50 million from a year earlier and higher than the total rise in private transfers of 44 million dollars. The net  transfers inflow to Armenia within January-May was 33 million dollars versus 80 million from a year earlier. —0-

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