EIB invested 57 mln euros in Armenia

08.08.2012 11:19
EIB invested 57 mln euros in Armenia

YEREVAN, August 8. /ARKA/. The European Investment Bank - EIB has invested nearly 57 million euros in Armenia since 2008, Head of East and Central Asia policy division at EIB Heinz Olbers told journalists Tuesday.

He stated that the cooperation between EIB and Armenia was launched in 2008, and the Bank injects funds into transport, water supply, small and medium-sized business aid projects.

EIB welcomes the cooperation with some other financial and non-financial institutions, such as EBRD and EU, to finance different projects, Mr. Olbers added.

The Bank intends to step up collaboration with Armenia implementing new programs, as the authorities had proved their competence and responsibility in the rational distribution of the allocated funds and implementation of programs, he noted.

Armenia will receive 6.5- million- euro loan for water supply program, and 30.3 million euros for modernization of the three border crossing points (Bagratashen, Bavra, Gogavan) within the agreements signed Tuesday between the European Investment Bank and Finance Ministry of Armenia.—0--

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