Hayastan all armenian fund opens banking account to help syrian armenians

10.08.2012 13:44
Hayastan all armenian fund opens banking account to help syrian armenians

YEREVAN, August 10. /ARKA/. Hayastan All Armenian Fund said it had opened a bank account for the Syrian Armenians following the initiative by one of Bureau of Trustees members, Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan.

The sum collected by Hayastan Fund will be directed to the national administration of the Armenian community, and the coordination committee will distribute money for solving the raising issues.

At the moment, the tense situation in Syria drove many countries to fundraising activities. “The funds collected during such activities will be distributed. Our compatriots can donate money to the following dram and foreign currency bank accounts,” according to the message.

HSBC Bank Armenia9, V. Sargsyan Str. Yerevan Armenia
ACC NO 001-002195-102 (USD)
ACC NO 001-002195-104 (EUR)
ACC NO 001-002195-001 (AMD)

“For further inquiry, please, contact the Ministry of Diaspora, and All Armenian Fund by +37410 56 01 06 (105) phone number,” the Fund informed.

Armenian community in Syria formed after the 1915 Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire. The community of 100,000 Armenians played until recently a significant role in the social, political and cultural life in Syria. Traditionally the Armenian community in Syria is considered to be the strongest Diaspora. Majority of Armenians live in Aleppo (over 60,000), Damascus, and some other cities.

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund was founded by Presidential Decree in 1992.

It is a unique institution whose mission is to unite Armenians in Armenia and overseas to overcome the country’s difficulties and to help establish sustainable development in Armenia and Artsakh. In addition to those problems associated with the break-up of the Soviet Union, the government had to find solutions to the aftermath of the 1988 Spitak earthquake, an economic blockade and the rehabilitation of areas that had suffered from the Artsakh conflict.—0--

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