Ameriabank prolongs “Perfect Deposit” expiration date

20.08.2012 14:49
Ameriabank prolongs “Perfect Deposit” expiration date

YEREVAN, August 20. /ARKA/. Ameriabank announced Monday “Perfect deposit” will be effective till 1 October of this year.

According to the source, the deposit gained public trust what enhanced the bank’s position as a reliable partner. The nominal interest rate for deposits in drams, dollars and euros are 11.9%, 7.5%, 6.7%, respectively if interests are paid after the end of the term and 10.5%, 7%, 6.2% respectively when they are paid at the moment of placing deposits.

Even though “Perfect deposit” was effective from 15 May to 15 August, it reported quite significant results. Within these three months the bank attracted 3.4 billion drams ( without reconsidering the current deposits).

The conditions of “Perfect deposit” will remain unchanged.
One of the advantages of the deposit  is that the interest rates on the deposit will be calculated on a monthly basis that will have an additional day. This means that annual interest rates will be calculated for additional 12 days.
A customer may get the accrued interests at the moment of placing a deposit or at the end of the term.

Another important advantage of the new offer is that deposits are insured fully  by Rosgosstrakh Armenia.There is yet one more advantage – individuals who have deposits in the bank may convert them  into “Perfect deposit”  two months before the end of the term.
Ameriabank is a universal bank providing investment, corporate and retail banking services.—0--

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