Armenia’s CB total liabilities up 6.2% to AMD 1.084.2 trln

24.08.2012 15:28
Armenia’s CB total liabilities up 6.2% to AMD 1.084.2 trln

YEREVAN, August 24. /ARKA/. Armenian Central Bank (CB) said its aggregate liabilities increased by 63.6 billion drams or 6.2% to over 1.084.2 trillion drams as of 30 June 2012 from the first quarter.

According to a CB report, foreign exchange liabilities amounted to 418.4 billion drams, having increased by 20.7 billion drams or 5.2% throughout the second quarter.

Also Central Bank’s foreign exchange liabilities to the government dropped from 3.6 billion drams in the first quarter of 2012 to 2.8 billion drams at the second quarter’s out ( by 20.8%).

Foreign currency savings deposits and accounts of financial and other organizations climped from 33.8 billion drams in the first quarter 2012 to 41.4 billion drams as of 30 June ( by 22.5%).

Central Bank’s other borrowings during the reporting period rose by 11.6% from 43.2 billion to 48.2 billion drams. Other foreign currency liabilities of the Central Bank amounted to 219.2 million drams.

As follows from the Central Bank’s report, the liabilities in AMD stood at 665.8 billion drams (61.4% of total liabilities), by 42.9 billion drams more than in a quarter earlier.

Dram liabilities of the CB to the government jumped by 12.6 billion drams or 13.5 % to 105.2 billion drams.

Dram liabilities – bank notes and coins in circulation advanced 22.5 billion drams ( or by 6.2%) to over 384 billion drams.

AMD accounts and deposits of financial and other institutions grew by 5.3 billion drams or by 3.2% to 171.9 billion drams within the reported period. Other AMD liabilities amounted to 4.8 billion drams as of 30 June. ($1 – 409.81 drams).—0--

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