Mortgage loans amount to 121 billion drams

25.09.2012 14:35
Mortgage loans amount to 121 billion drams

YEREVAN, September 25. / ARKA /. The amount of outstanding mortgage loans of commercial banks in Armenia stood at about 121 billion drams at the end of July, increasing by 1 percent from June. The amount of mortgage loans issued in foreign currency grew by 0.7 percent from the previous month to 58.4 billion in dram equivalent while loans in drams grew by 1 percent to 62.4 billion drams, according to numbers released by the Central bank of Armenia. The share of mortgage loans in the total loan portfolio of all 21 commercial banks was about 8.6%.

The total amount of loans issued by commercial banks to residents at the end of July 2012 was about 1. 410.3 trillion drams, down by 0.6 percent compared to June. ($ 1 - 407.18 drams). -0-

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