IMF downgrades GDP growth forecast in Armenia to 3.9% this year

09.10.2012 13:28
IMF downgrades GDP growth forecast in Armenia to 3.9% this year

YEREVAN, October 9. /ARKA/. Armenia may see 3.9% GDP growth in 2012, and 4%- in 2013, according to IMF report World Economic Outlook published on Tuesday.
Economic growth in Armenia may hit 6.2% in 2012, and 4.3%-in 2013 due to rich harvest, favorable dynamics of mining industry development, and service sector, as well as situation in Europe and Russia.

World Economic Outlook projects Armenia may face 2.8% inflation this year; inflation rate will rise to 4.2% next year.
Armenia’s balance on current account will confirm its negative index. According to the report, in 2011 it was -10.9, in 2012 it will be -9.8, and -9.3 in 2013.
Unemployment rate of 19% in Armenia will not change in 2012 from a year earlier, and will slash to 18.5% in 2013, IMF says.
IMF projects Commonwealth of Independent States to see 4% GDP growth in 2012, and 4.1% in 2013.

Advance in domestic demand, which supports the current fiscal course, will prompt GDP growth in 2012-2013. At the same time, economic growth rates will tumble in a number of other countries- regional exporters amid the ongoing situation in energy sector.
Economy in CIS countries will continue growing amid the positive dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe. GDP of the region will increase by 2% in 2012, and 2.6% in 2013. The forecast for this year is upgraded by 0.1 p.p., and for the next year- downgraded by 0.2 p.p. —0--

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