ACBA On-line service clients may repay overdrafts

12.10.2012 17:40
ACBA On-line service clients may repay overdrafts

YEREVAN, October 11, /ARKA/.  From now on, all clients of ACBA ON-Line service are able to repay their overdrafts, the press service of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank said to ARKA.
"With this service the customers can more effectively manage their accounts, including  repayment of  loans, making deposits, opening checking accounts, making  transfers and repaying overdrafts  without visiting the bank,"  it said.

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK was founded in 1996. Its major shareholders are the French Credit Agricole SA (15.56%), SACAM International (12.44%), as well as unions of farmers in 10 regions of Armenia.  -0-

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