Armenia has built sustainable banking system- PM

15.10.2012 18:43
Armenia has built sustainable banking system- PM

YEREVAN, October 15. /ARKA/. Over the past ten years Armenia has built a sustainable banking system, said Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan at the second Armenian- Russian interregional forum, kicked off in Yerevan on Saturday.

“This system proved its sustainability during the global financial crisis. But today our financial sector faces different tasks. We must not only deepen, but also expand the financial system,” Mr Sargsyan noted.

Expansion of financial system implies establishing financial institutions, which will offer new, cheaper investment, credit risk insurance and other services.

“On our side, we have already initiated a number of new projects in these spheres, which will be implemented in the near future,” he added.

The forum gathered over 300 representatives of the central and regional authorities, business, non-governmental organizations of Russia and Armenia, the delegation of Russia’s 13 regions, and all regions of Armenia.—0-

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