VTB Bank (Armenia) offers “Savings day” deposits at 14.5% interest rate on Oct 31 only

31.10.2012 13:53
VTB Bank (Armenia) offers “Savings day” deposits at 14.5% interest rate on Oct 31 only

YEREVAN, October 31. /ARKA/. All interested individuals can open  “Savings day” AMD deposits at 14.5% interest rate for the period from 91 to 730 days at VTB Bank (Armenia) on October 31 only- the World Savings Day, the bank said Wednesday.

Those who will open deposits at VTB Bank (Armenia) on October 31 will get the following prizes: opening 1 or over million worth  deposits one will get  VISA Gold card; in addition, each depositor will get a ticket to Russian Drama Theater after K. Stanislavsky in Yerevan.

“October 31 is the World Savings Day. The purpose of the holiday is to save money that is a base for financial welfare and prosperity of any individual. To develop savings culture and non-cash transactions is an indispensable part of VTB Bank (Armenia) strategy,” the press service quotes VTB Bank (Armenia) CEO Yuri Gusev.

The bank is implementing campaigns targeted at improving banking culture and savings system development on a regular basis, he added.

The World Savings Day was established on October 31, 1924, during the 1st International Savings Bank Congress (World Society of Savings Banks) in Milano, Italy. At present, 29 countries celebrate this holiday.

VTB Bank (Armenia) became a member of VTB international financial group in April 2004. Currently, it is fully owned by Russian VTB Group, the second largest bank in Russia. It is listed in top 3 banks in Armenia. It has 69 branches in Armenia, more than any other bank.-0

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