Armenia’s banks invest AMD 155.6 bln in Government bonds end- September

09.11.2012 14:38
Armenia’s banks invest AMD 155.6 bln in Government bonds end- September

YEREVAN, November 9. /ARKA/. Armenia’s banks invested nearly 155.6 billion drams in government bonds at the end of the third quarter of 2012, which is 8.6% higher from a quarter earlier, according to ARKA analyses on the basis of interim reports on banks in 3Q.

The share of investments in government securities in the total assets was 6.8% versus 6.5% in 2 Q. The total portfolio of all securities valued at 160.7 billion drams as of 30 September. Some 96.83% are said to be government securities.

HSBC Bank Armenia is said to be leading in government securities investing- 31.2 billion drams, of them over 30.4 billion drams or 97.51% - government bonds. At the same time, 2.49% of the bank’s securities portfolio or 775.5 million drams are corporate securities. Interest income of HSBC Bank Armenia on investments in debt securities hit 2 239 million drams or 17.9% of its total interest income in the third quarter.

Armbusinessbank is the second in the securities portfolio volume ( 20 billion drams). Its investments in government securities was 99.59%, and corporate securities- 0.41%. Interest income of the bank on investments in debt securities totaled nearly 720.1 million drams or 5.8% of the total interest income.

ArmSwissBank is also among top banks in securities investment- 16.5 billion drams(96.92%- government securities, and 3.08%- corporate securities).

As of 30 September there are 21 banks and 458 branches in Armenia. ($1 – 408.56 drams).—0-

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