USD rises on Obama’s statements Wednesday

15.11.2012 11:46
USD rises on Obama’s statements Wednesday

YEREVAN, November 15. /ARKA/. USD rate rose Wednesday against most global currencies amid President Obama’s readiness to compromise with Republicans in tax and budget policy, according to the trades, Russia state-run RIA Novosti reports.

USD climbed 81.11 points Wednesday from Tuesday’s 81.09 against the other six global currencies. Euro jumped against USD to 1,2735 dollars per 1 euro from 1,2704 dollars at the end of the last week. USD hiked against the Japanese currency to 80.25 yens per $1 versus 79.39 yens per $1 on Tuesday.

“I'm open to compromise and I'm open to new ideas,” Obama said at a press conference in the White House.

“And I've been encouraged over the past week to hear Republican after Republican agree on the need for more revenue from the wealthiest Americans as part of our arithmetic if we're going to be serious about reducing the deficit because when it comes to taxes, there are two pathways available.”
USD surge was also due to the published protocols from the Federal Reserve’s meeting, October 23-24. A number of the Open Markets Committee members support additional asset purchases in 2013.
Moreover, Portugal’s GDP slashed 3.4% in 3 Q from a year earlier versus 3.2% in the second quarter.

Economy slowdown is still ongoing in Greece (7.2% drop in July-September, and 6.3% year-ver-year fall).

Euro rose on the news of Fitch improvement of Ireland rating “BBB+” to the stable from the negative. According to the analysts, Ireland demonstrates a progress in budget consolidation and economy rally.—0-

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