Mandatory car insurance tariffs may rise in 2013- INGO Armenia

08.01.2013 18:28
Mandatory car insurance tariffs may rise in 2013- INGO Armenia

YEREVAN, January 8. /ARKA/. Executive director of Ingo Armenia Levon Altunyan said mandatory car insurance tariffs may climb in 2013.

“The speculations around raising mandatory car insurance tariffs are becoming more and more reasonable,” he said in the interview with ARKA news agency.

According to the Armenian Motor Insurers' Bureau, the insurance companies paid nearly 8.2 billion drams in  39,665 mandatory car insurance compensations in January-November 2012. The insurance premiums stood at 13.6 billion drams over 11 months.

Altunyan said there is much in store for this year as the client base has been increasing many times since last year.

All types of insurance reported progress last year, except for casco insurance, as this sector received less funding through the banking system, therefore the volume of the insurance premiums of this type has also dropped, according to him.

Altunyan also said the most important event of 2012 was adoption of a number of regulations related to medical insurance enlargement. —0--

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