Anelik Bank introduces “Available”

18.01.2013 17:28
Anelik Bank introduces “Available”

YEREVAN, January 18./ARKA/. Anelik Bank announces Friday on introducing “Available” new deposit.

The new deposit offers 12.5% interest rate for AMD, and 8.5% for USD. Choosing this deposit, the customers can also receive a loan at 95% of the deposited amount at an interest rate which exceeds the deposit interest rate by 2.8% ( 1.5% for AMD and 11.9% for USD).

Artur Hambardzumyan, a chief of analysis and risk management department at Anelik Bank, said another advantage of this deposit is a 15-day preferential period.

The depositors will not face any losses choosing this deposit as if a deposit contract is suddenly terminated, a depositor will receive all interest rates under his deposit.

“Depositors will benefit from this opportunity as return on this kind of deposit, “Available,” is much higher than that on any other kind of deposit,” he noted.

Hambardzumyan added the new motto of this tool is “Let your money work for you and be always available in your pocket.” It reflects the nature of this deposit best.

“I believe this tool will be pretty popular with the bank customers,” he implied.

Anelik Bank was established on July 9, 1990, and registered on October 1, 1991. In October 1996, the bank received its license from the Central Bank of Armenia. Lebanon’s CreditBank. holds 89.95% of the bank’s shares and 10.05% are owned by Samvel Chzmachyan.—0—

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