Nordea experts forecast world economy growth by 3.5% in 2013

08.02.2013 14:17
Nordea experts forecast world economy growth by 3.5% in 2013

YEREVAN, February 8. /ARKA/. World economy will increase to 3.5% in 2013, and to 4% in 2014, Steen Grøndahl, the Head of Global Research for Nordea Markets, told reporters, reported.

According to him, the USD will be strengthening for the next few years and US economy will grow to 2% after some slowdown. The expert added that at present the US work over “fiscal cliff” issue and as a result some companies are re-launching their investment programs.

Grøndahl also forecasts the US unemployment rate will be sharply cut to 6.5 and less in 2014.

Europe is facing some beams of sunshine as well, though the gap between EU member states is getting huge, especially that between France and Germany, he said. Nordea experts anticipate European economy will grow at slower rates than that of the US.

The expert pointed out Europe will need another 10 years to put an end to its financial issues which had arisen not just immediately but over the past 25 years. European economy may grow due to hike in corporate investments and increase of private consumption.

As to China, the expert said economic growth may stand at 8% there in 2013. Investments account for nearly 50% of its GDP.

He resumed that this year will not really differ from the last one in terms of global economy tendencies.—0-

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