“Forsage” money transfer service from “Post of Russia” to be offered in Armenia

14.02.2013 11:38
“Forsage” money transfer service from “Post of Russia” to be offered in Armenia

YEREVAN, February 14. /ARKA/. “Pochta Rosiyi” (Post of Russia) starts offering addressless express money transfers, “Forsage”, at transboundary transfer market, the company’s press service reported. Armenia is included in the list of countries where the service will be available.

“Forsage” service was launched by Pochta Rosiyi in July 2010, but it has been available only inside the country so far. The service is offered in more than 15,000 post offices throughout Russia.
Starting from February the service will go global: it will be available first in the CIS countries, and in far abroad countries by the end of the year.

The first stage will include a pilot project of addressless express transfers between St-Petersburg and Moldavia. The next countries to join the system are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia.

By summer 2013, Forsage will be available practically in all CIS countries, according to the report.
The list of currencies is also to be expanded in the course of time turning Forsage service into a multi-currency product. Today ruble transfers from Russia can be paid in Moldavia in euros.

Coinstar Eurasia Limited international money transfer system is the technological partner of Russian post in the project. Under the agreement between the companies, Forsage instantaneous transfers are accessible also in any Coinstar service point. Coinstar Eurasia Limited has over 85,000 branch offices in more than 140 countries today. –0--

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