Total liabilities of armenian credit organizations to banks rose by 1.9% to 34.6 bln drams in Q4

26.02.2013 17:45
Total liabilities of armenian credit organizations to banks rose by 1.9% to 34.6 bln drams in Q4

YEREVAN, February 26. /ARKA/. Total liabilities of credit organizations of Armenia to banks, were over 34.6 billion drams as of December 31, 2012, an increase of 676.2 million drams or 1.9% as compared to the third quarter.

An analysis by ARKA News Agency showed that Finca, with its liabilities to banks worth 14.5 bln drams is the leader in amount of total liabilities to banks. The share of liabilities to banks in overall liabilities is 94.39%.

Credit organizations’ liabilities to clients (attracted funds) were 27.8 billion drams as of the end of Q4, an increase of 4.2 billion drams or 17.8% over the third quarter.

Bless has recorded the highest liabilities to clients among credit organizations, 5.1bln drams, by the end of 2012, with the share in the overall liabilities of the organization at 96.7%.

Credit organizations’ liabilities to Armenian government amounted to 9.5bln drams in Q4, as compared to 9.1bln drams in the quarter before (4.4%). SME Investments credit organization is leading with its liabilities to government totaling 4.9bln drams (99.3% of all liabilities).

Other liabilities of credit organizations amounted to 27.5bln drams by the end of 2012, as compared to 25.8bln drams in the third quarter (6.6% increase). Finca is leader in this respect - with other liabilities worth 11.8bln drams constituting 74.91% of all its liabilities. It is worth to mention that other liabilities of SEF International totaled 5.4bln drams (96.07% of its overall liabilities).

Aggregate liabilities of Armenian credit organizations exceeded 105.1bln drams by the end of December 2012, an increase of 7.2bln drams or 7.4% over the fourth quarter.

There were 32 credit organizations operating in Armenia as of the end of 2012. ($1=408.16drams).–0--

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