Top 10 profitable credit organizations of Armenia in 1Q 2013

31.05.2013 13:00
Top 10 profitable credit organizations of Armenia in 1Q 2013

YEREVAN, May 31./ARKA/. ARKA news agency released Top 10 profitable credit organizations of Armenia rating for the first quarter 2013.

All together the 33 credit organizations earned 1,643,436,000 drams in January-March 2012 versus 1,849,719,000 drams of net profit within the same period a year earlier ( 11.1% downturn), according to the rating.

ARKA’s rating states twenty seven out of the thirty three organizations of Armenia closed the first quarter at profits. Top 10 credit organizations posted 84.3% of the aggregate profit.

The rest lost 74 million drams in 1Q 2013 versus 52.1 million drams last Jan-March. ARKA ranked Aregak credit organization as the leading one of the rating. Its 1Q total net profit valued at 349.6 million drams against 432.2 million drams (19.1% down).

Norvik organization is second with 206.4-million-dram profit versus 213 million drams (3.1% drop).
The next credit organization in the rating is Bnakaran Yeritasardnerin (Housing to Young People) –nearly 202.2 million drams against 54.3 million drams (3.7 times higher).

Kamurj is ranked fourth. Its 1Q profit amounted to 199.7 million drams against 232.1 million drams (13.9% lower).

National Mortgage Company earned nearly 141.7 million drams in the first quarter whereas in 1Q 2012 its profit was 111.6 million drams (26.9% growth).

ARKA ranked GARNI INVEST organization sixth –nearly 79.2 million drams versus 4.8-million-dram loss (16.3 times higher).

Express Credit is seventh. It reaped 55.1 million drams against 88.6 million drams (37.8% decrease).
MSB Investments is next in the rating with 53.7-million-dram profit versus 39.9 million drams (36.3% increase).

SEF International earned 50 million drams whereas its profit was 38.2 million drams in 1Q 2012 (30.9% growth).

Top 10th organization is Global Credit. It gained 49.8 million drams against 26.2 million drams (89.9% increase). ($1 – 416.71 drams). -0-

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