Ardshininvestbank joins state program on lending to military officers

30.07.2013 19:37
Ardshininvestbank joins state program on lending to military officers

YEREVAN, July 30./ARKA/. Starting from today, Ardshininvestbank will loan the military servants for purchases of household appliances within the framework of state lending program, according to the bank.

The eligible candidates for this loan are junior, middle and senior officers at Defense Ministry, National Security Service and Police. They should be not older than 65 by the time they are required to repay the loan.

The loan amounts to up to 500,000 drams and is given for 7 years. No income proof reference is required.

An annual interest rate will be 12%, of them 2% will be subsidized by the government, and 3% subsidy will be available for those officers who have three and over children.

The guarantor can be a borrower’s family member who meets the requirements of the bank. No other additional fees will be charged. The whole process will take no more than 2 business days.
To apply for the loan, please show your passport (borrower’s and guarantor’s), work place reference, birth certificate of  underage children.

“The loan, offered by Ardshininvestbank, is to improve the household conditions of the officers,” according to the source.

The loan can be applied for in all 55 branches of the bank as well as the head office.

Ardshininvestbank received its license from the Central Bank of Armenia on February 27, 2003. Ardshininvestbank has 49 branches in Armenia and six in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. The bank also has its office in Paris. ($1- AMD 410.30).-0-

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