Armenia’s monetary base ups 1.1 percent in August

30.09.2013 15:33
Armenia’s monetary base ups 1.1 percent in August

YEREVAN, September 30, /ARKA/. Armenia’s monetary base rose by 1.1 percent in 2013 August from the previous month to about 733.1 billion drams, the National Statistical Service said citing the data of the Central Bank

It said also cash outside the Central Bank totaled nearly 410.5 billion drams, down from 415.2 billion drams in July.

The amount of mandatory reserves in the national currency rose to 181.2 billion drams from 166.7 billion drams in late July, while mandatory reserves in foreign currency fell to 138.6 billion drams from 139.6 billion drams.

Net international reserves (without privatization funds) in late August amounted to around 427 billion drams, growing almost 5 percent from July. Net domestic assets fell to 306 billion drams from 317.9 billion drams. ($1 – 405.06 drams). -0-

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