Central Bank of Armenia launches my financial month program

30.09.2013 16:19
Central Bank of Armenia launches my financial month program

YEREVAN, September 30. / ARKA /. The Central Bank of Armenia has launched today a campaign, called "My financial month," designed specially to help citizens raise their awareness of how to manage their personal finances.

"The purpose of this measure is to help the people raise the efficiency of managing their personal finances, because we believe that it is instrumental both for improving their living standards and addressing other social programs, as well as boosting financial intermediation", said Armenak Darbinyan, a Central Bank Board member.

The campaign will embrace not only the capital city Yerevan but also all ten marzes (provinces). It consists of several parts: finance, designed for children, how to manage debts and loans, mortgages and other loans, types of insurance as well as bank deposits and how to manage them.

Samvel Chzmachyan, head of the Union of Armenian Banks, said on October 31, marked as World Savings Day, the majority of local banks will unveil special offers and will also provide advice on how to manage a bank deposit. More information about the campaign can be found at www.ABCfinance.am.

The campaign’s initiators are the Central Bank of Armenia, USAID, the office of Armenia’s financial ombudsman, the Deposit Guarantee Fund, Armenian Motor Insurers' Bureau, the Union of Banks of Armenia , NASDAQ OMX Armenia, KfW German bank and others. -0-

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